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Which Roof Is Right For You?

Which Roof Is Right For You?

HATİPOĞLU GÜNEŞ is a manufacturer of high quality pitched roof solutions. With its unique shape and color variety, we offer our customers freedom of endless roof design. As the leading brand we offer: a wide range of clay tiles and concrete roof tiles and a variety of materials from a single source. HATİPOĞLU GÜNEŞ products are resistant to moisture, frost, fire and UV rays.
HATİPOĞLU GÜNEŞ relies on environmentally friendly production methods. Our products are a valuable investment due to their durability.


Which roofing material is right for you? Clay or Concrete tile..


  • Natural raw materials: Clay, water
  • High quality elegant roof covering with easy installation
  • Selected models can also be used on low roof slopes below 10 °.
  • Wide range of original accessories made of the same raw material
  • Vapor permeable
  • 100% recyclable: Clay tiles can be grounded and completely reused in the manufacturing process.

    Preferred application areas: Single family and semi-detached houses, prestigious residential construction, villas, historical preservation / historical buildings, castles

  • Modern material: It is produced with sand, cement, water, color pigments.
  • Economical roofing material: Attractive material prices and low transaction costs as a result of easy installation
  • Noise reduction up to 7 dB compared to other roofing materials
  • Concrete, fiber cement, plastic and metal system accessories
  • Energy efficient production technology
  • 100% recyclable: Concrete tiles can be grounded and completely reused in the production process

    Preferred application areas: Multi-storey residential construction, turnkey construction, prefabricated house construction, low-cost residential construction, agricultural buildings, industrial facilities, hotels, high-quality office buildings.