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Roof Window Selection

Roof Window Selection


In buildings where floors are 25m above ground level, the distance from the lower edge of the opening window to the floor should be at least 0.85m. In buildings where floors are more than 25 m above ground level, the above distance should not be less than 1.1 m. It should be taken into account that the higher the window is installed, the more light enters the room, therefore FAKRO skylights are equipped with a bottom handle opening system to facilitate opening of windows mounted at the optimum height. The lower edge of the FAKRO skylight should ideally be 1.1-1.4m above ground level. Recommended distance is 1.2m (keeping in mind that average room height is 2.5m). It provides a lot of light to the room and also offers an unlimited view.
The installation of the window at this height allows a standard radiator to be fixed under the window and also allows for proper lining construction. This correct air circulation through the window pane reduces the risk of condensation on the glass.


When deciding how and where the skylights are to be placed, we must consider the option of using one smaller windows positioned on different parts of the roof so that the room is much better illuminated.


The choice of skylights depends on:

  • Area and room type
  • The correct amount of natural light in the room is determined by the ratio of the surface of the window's glass area to the total floor area. In the case of habitable rooms, this ratio should be at least 1: 8, and in other rooms where natural light is required due to their function - at least 1:12.
  • Roof slope
  • The position of the selected window also depends on the roof pitch.
  • The lower curtain needs the higher window
  • FAKRO skylights are equipped with universal brackets that allow them to be mounted on trimmers or beams.Installing the window at a selected depth means that the milled groove is level with the top surface of the slats.
  • When the window width matches the spacing between the rafters, we install the windows on the rafters, ensuring the stability of the structure and the durability of the connection.
  • Installation on beams is especially recommended when we replace old windows (on existing roofs) with new ones or install large windows.
  • The roof window is installed on the trimmers when the beam pitch is much larger than the window width. When mounting on the trimmers, we can move the window horizontally to better adjust the installation location to the roofing material profile.