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Roof Tile Designed as a Birdhouse

Roof Tile Designed as a Birdhouse

Wanting to find a solution to the dwindling bird population in urban areas, Klaas Kuiken consulted the Dutch Bird Association to design the 'Birdhouse roof tile', a design that offers more space for our feathered friends to rest and feed.

Birds often create nesting areas on the roofs of houses, with this in mind, the Dutch designer took a standard tile and built an archetypal house to be attached with a basket on top. In this way, the Kuiken took advantage of their typical behaviour to create a safe haven where they would normally nest while providing good ventilation and protection against domestic animals such as cats. Birds prefer to nest in groups, so applying several 'birdhouse roof tiles' together is recommended.

The basket consists of a wooden slate framed by a curtain that creates a comb-like barrier so that birds cannot pass. Placed directly under the roof tile, this component ensures that it does not reach the entire lining of a building, making it easy to clean even after the breeding season is over.

'Birdhouse tiles' are produced in the Netherlands. The archetypal birdhouse structure is attached to the tile with a special adhesive that makes it resistant to extreme temperatures so that it does not loosen in winter.