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Recycling of Tiles

Recycling of Tiles

Whether you're looking to replace broken pieces for a facade, floor or interior wall, tiles are always a practical and ideal option for any project you have in mind.
To reduce the impact of architecture on the environment, many projects show how recycled materials can breathe new life into walls, facades, sunroofs, and even furniture.

To show you different ways to reuse tiles, we'd like to share three projects that use them whole or in pieces to give new life to this wonderfully versatile building material and add to your spaces.
Cafe KOI / Agricultural Architects

Year: 2017
Location: Lang Thượng Đống, Vietnam

The project aimed to adapt and enlarge an old apartment building to the new cafe house. Everything from the roof to the furniture has been made using repurposed materials. In addition, a different atmosphere was created by reusing the roof tiles on the walls.
Clay Roof House / DRTAN LM Architect

Year: 2015
Location: Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

The project owners bought an old, dilapidated house and wanted to rebuild a new family home. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the old house had quality Indian clay roof tiles still intact. In addition, because the property faces west, clay roof tiles offered an excellent solution to shield the façade from morning and afternoon sun.
Ecobarrio en Mallorca / IBAVI Arquitectes

Year: 2011
Location: Mallorca, Spain

In this eco-neighbourhood, tile reuse is an essential local recycling movement in itself, bringing together a handful of elements such as tiles, marés (a local sandstone), traditional tools and even scrap.