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How is Dry Ridge System Made?

How is Dry Ridge System Made?


  • Make sure that the nails or staples you will use to fix or strengthen the products are galvanized or stainless steel.
  • During application, the outdoor temperature should be between 5 C and 35 C.
  • In order to make the Ridge Band stronger, the surfaces on which it will be attached must be clean and free from dust.
  • Ridge Tapes should not be stored in direct sunlight or at temperatures above 35C.
1 - After laying the roof covering, put the vertical battens first and then the horizontal battens. Leave a roof ventilation gap while doing this installation.
2 - Using the holes on both sides of the batten bracket, fasten up it to the battens on the ridge line with the help of nails.
3 - Adjust the batten bracket profile according to the height of the ridge tile with the help of the adjustable head and place the batten bracket lath.

Lay the tiles according to the usage specialities of the products and fix on the ground them.

4 - Open the ridge tape, lay it on the batten board but not too tight and the adhesive tape should be facing down, and immobilize it to the batten board with the help of staples or nails at one meter intervals.
5 - Make sure that the tile surfaces on which the butyl adhesive of the ridge tape will adhere is free from moisture, dust, dirt and oil.
Separate the protective tape from the adhesive strip, harmonize the ridge tape’s sides and part of the wavy side of tiles, then fix adhesive strip and surface of tile by pressing so with is no spacing.
6 - Fix the first ridge tile to the purlin board using the nail holes with the help of the ridge clip. Fix the second ridge tile to the first in the same way and place the ridge tiles along the line in this way. The ridge clip, as it is made of aluminum, is flexible and can be bent easily. This makes it easier for you to insert and fix the hooks to the tiles.