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For An Economic Solution

For An Economic Solution


New construction of a roof requires careful calculation depending on the design, roofing material and craftsmanship. For example, there are online tools that tier accounts can use for cost calculation. Relevant factors, roof space, a roof with insulation material and the amount of other criteria. It should consider and evaluate many details for comprehensive roof planning.

ROOF SHAPE - shed roof, hipped roof, tower roof, gable roof, mansard roof, or any other type of roof - what is it?

What roofing material was chosen? For Example: High quality clay tile or economical concrete tile?

Will there be a need for special production or will a product from the HATİPOĞLU GÜNEŞ wide standard product range be sufficient?

Should regional features such as increased snow load protection be considered?
In addition to roofing material, accessories are also reflected in the cost calculation. Looking ahead, a higher initial investment in the material can be quickly amortized by smart planning, while also retaining the value of the new design.

Remember: Effective cost planning not only includes visible roofing material, it also takes into account all possible work as much as possible. Master preference can vary according to the complexity of the desired roof shape. A serious cost quote should definitely be obtained from the company in question. Due to the uncomplicated installation of HATİPOĞLU GÜNEŞ products together with smart accessory solutions, forward-looking material selection offers a significant saving potential in terms of qualified labor costs.